Self-Adhesive Emblem and Badge Installation Guide

Emblem Installation Instructions

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Note: Some of our gloss emblems are shipped with a protective film over them. Please leave this on the emblem until they are installed to help prevent scratches and fingerprints

Tips for Producing a quality Emblem installation

    Tools and Materials needed if you are removing an old Emblem

        • Hair dryer or heat gun
          • Adhesive/Glue remover aka Bug and Tar remover (found at most local Auto-part stores)
            • 50%-70% Isopropyl Alcohol (we do not suggest 90% alcohol)
              • Clean Towel or Paper Towels

              Tools and Materials needed if you are installing our new Emblem

                  • 50%-70% Isopropyl Alcohol (We do not suggest 90% alcohol)
                    • Clean Towel or Paper Towels
                      • Blue painters’ tape
                        • Measuring Tool (tape measure)

                        Step 1: Skip to step #3 if not removing old emblems

                        Step 2:   

                      • a. To achieve best placement of the new emblem, 1st you need to use blue painters tape to lay down a tape guide by framing in the old emblem with the tape. This is a square around your old emblem to help the placement and orientation of the new emblems.

                        b. To remove old Emblem, heat old emblem with a hair dryer and slowly peel the old emblem off. (In some cases a small wire (fishing string or dental floss) can be used to get under old emblem to help ease it off)
                      • WARNING: DO NOT USE A HARD OR METAL TOOL 
                        This can damage your paint

                        Step 3: Use Adhesive/Glue remover to remove adhesives left on the area (Please read product warnings)

                        Step 4: Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol with a clean towel, let dry

                        Step 5: This is where your careful measurements and laid out outside border of blue painter’s tape are used as “guides"

                        Step 6: You get ONE shot at this, use the tape Guideline as reference and place the Emblem within the taped area, making sure to be orientated the correct way

                        Step 7: Hold Emblem in place for 30 Seconds to help the bond, then remove tape and clean any fingerprints with a towel

                        Step 8: Most important Leave us a Positive Feedback. If you have questions or a concern, please let us know